Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



AWL is not an adoption organization, but we take care of the dogs, make them healthy, vaccinate, microchip and if they need any treatment or surgery, we support that.

We get a lot of help from our wonderful volunteer Martina, who does a fantastic research work to find the right family for the dog. Sometimes it can take time since she is very (good) picky.
But she is darn good, and she has volunteers around the country who visits the “possible family”

Our Frank was found a home by Chiara and Fransesco and Melanie. He staid with us for a while (read earlier blog).

Miss Mapel was abandoned in Lago Patria. She staid with AWL for some time, and now she is with a wonderful family. Thank you Martina!

Sweet lovely Sofia was rescued by an American family and taken cared for a couple of weeks. A family up north love her and as you can see, she is a relaxed girl.
Thanks Martina.

Moosey staid in my house for some time but lives now up North with a couple that just adores her. She is a happy spoiled girl.
Thanks Martina.

Our Hope is now Benedetta’s Hope in Milano.
Remember Hope that was found among the trash with high fever and a lot of sickness? (read earlier blog) AWL had her at the hospice and treated her, she gained weight beautiful, and more fur grew out. Benedetta is still treating her. Thank you sweet B for your donation. That’s Amore.
Thank you Martina.
Pio drove 1100km with Hope, Ms Mapel and Sofia, thank you so much.

Abandoned German Shepard Rosie (earlier blog) one (9) puppies got to go to her new home today. Thank you Martina for finding the home, and Nicole for transporting him today.
Thank you AWL supporters for your donations, so we can keep the abandoned or stray dogs healthier and happier. That’s Amore!

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