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You remember Mama Rosie, the beautiful German Shepherd that had been abandoned by a family and lived on the streets for some time. She gave birth to another litter, this time 9 puppies. We found them and took care of them all, well that is to say Nicole and her husband Jason have.
They are wonderful to the family and let Mama Rosie sleep inside and never has she made any accidents. She is great with everything, I hope we can find a forever loving home for her soon.

I got a phone call from Nicole that one of the puppies didn’t eat and he looked “sick”. I told her I would call Dr. Damiani to see if he was available since it was lunch break. Another call from Nicole came minutes after the first time, now the puppy pooped blood, and only blood!

A quick drive in to Dr D’s clinic and an ultrasound was made. It was as he suspected, Intussusception. Dr. Damiani preformed surgery on the puppy, and again he saved a little life (but big in Universe.)

An intussusception is a medical condition in which a part of the intestine has invaginated into another section of intestine. It is like when you pull off your gloves and the fingers goes into the hand-part. Without surgery, it will be fatal. Dr Damiani had to cut off 40 cm of the “bad” intestine.

He is simply a fantastic veterinarian. He took the little one (9weeks) with him home and had him sleeping next to him. At 02.00 the puppy was doing so well and being noisy he kept the whole family awake. So already the next day Nicole could go and bring him home. He was so sweet and alert that it always amazes me how quickly they recover.

He has to eat one mouth full every hour for 2-3 days, and then a special food. The poor thing will have diarrhea for a long time, but a medicine is being tried to see if that will help.

If this had been in Mother Nature, he would have died. On Mother Earth with the right veterinarian, I call it “amazing.” That’s Amore.

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