Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Momma Rosie went in for a health check and being de-wormed too. She was a super trooper in the car Nicolle told me.

Momma Rosie is young 2-3 years old. Lovely and sleeps with the cats in front of the fire place. She is up for adoption, to a forever loving home who never will give her up. She have had a home before and got kicked out on the street.

My lovely 15 year old Kiki Joy got her bandage changed and stitches removed. What a lady.

Frank was doing great after the surgery, they amputated his leg and he could return to his healing retreat at the Hospice Casa dell’Amore. Thank you Dr Longo!

He is such a wonderful guy. And as soon he is healed he is going to a home, a lovely girl Chiara have adopted him, she is a former vet.ass. Couldn’t be better. Stay strong Frank.

A food is the best medicine. That’s Amore!

AWL have for a long time wanted a veterinarian to come and do house visit at the Hospice. Many times it is difficult to move oldies all at the same time, and young ones for vaccination and removing stitches. Martina’s veterinarian Dr Vittorio came and was wonderful to all the animals with his calm and gentle way. AWL is so thankful for him taking the time and giving it to all the Casa dell’Amore’s clients. That’s Amore

Thank you Martina for arranging this. And thank you Nicolle for fostering Momma dog Rosie.

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