Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


If you want excitement, to lose weight and build some good karma, join us for our AWL missions.

Earlier on our blog, you could read about Frank the German Shepard that was left to die on a busy street. But he was found by Italian volunteers Francesco and Merlina. Frank underwent surgeries and AWL was contacted by Chiarra, asking if Frank could stay two weeks at the hospice. That would give him time to heal and them to find a home.

But he looked like a mess with the wounds full of dripping, oozing fluid. Even if he ate well I felt that something was wrong even and so did Martina. I called Dr Damiani to ask when he would be at the clinic.
Could we bring in Frank for an examination?

Since Frank is stitched up everywhere and especially under his belly I would have difficulty carrying him into the SUV myself, I needed help.
Pio, Martina and Chiara stopped by at the hospice this early morning and helped me load him in the SUV with help of a big bath sheet.
Nicolle helped me with Frank at the clinic.

Frank was in a lot of pain, he was swollen everywhere. Dr Damiani had misty eyes when he greeted Frank. Could he be saved?

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