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We had a wonderful day at Casa dell’Amore. At the same time we work, we enjoy and so does the “oldies”

Our sweet HOPE!

Athena was so happy, Pio her favorite volunteer was with her the whole afternoon building a protection; so Athena couldn’t jump out!

As always we gave kisses. But this little fellow made Kiki Joy’s day.

Wonderful visit and presents. Bruno’s and “his” parents came and visit, and with them they had this fantastic gift. All three have huge hearts! Thank you, that’s Amore!

Stella, showed one of her modeling acts.

HOPE was in heaven that James and Abbi (Bruno’s parents) spent time with her.

A big thank you to Pio. He worked so hard and made a great solution to have Athena on the right side of the wall. FANTASTIC!
Also this day was Bill and he worked to put book cases together. THANK YOU!

So our little fellow made sure that we all left at 14.00. And we can assure you that it wasn’t only us that were tired. The dogs slept when we closed the door. That’s lovely!

Dafne above and Billy Bob below, are so thankful for your visits and donations.
Martina, Patty, Pio, Billy, James, Abbi, Max, Me and Olivia. Now That’s Amore

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