Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Valentine with joy, laugh good animal friends and loving dogs, it was a great surprise how wonderful you are. Thank you all for treats and hugs, your heart is fantastic.

Puppy paw prayer for being able to keep our hospice Casa dell’Amore. We are always in need of donations.

This fantastic cake was delivered by Stella’s “mom” Angelina. So impressive!

Warm hearted Angela and husband Brian and their beautiful children came and visit.

Trine, thank you for giving everyone in the hospice their “flee and tick” treatment. You did an enormous work. And also safety the gate so our smaller clients wouldn’t get out or get stuck.

Dafne our guest is sterilized and waiting for the perfect home. Thank you Angelina for bringing the huge bag of dog food.

Athena is labeled as not dog friendly. My gut tells me otherwise! Yesterday she was with us and the other dogs and she did great. I think what scares people is that she is very strong, so she need training with a harness and more dogs!

Hello, thanks for thinking about me and that I only have three teeth I love those Pate’s.

And lovely Magazine NARA wrote about AWL work at the Casa dell’Amore hospice. Its out now in the stores, and for Swedish readers you can read how to become Swedish members.

Your support means everything to the four legged thanks to you can become healthy and live a “happy” life. That’s Amore!
Trine, Lynn, Angela, Brian (children) Martina, Pio, Chiarra, boyfriend, Max, Olivia, Patty, Angelina and sister. Thank you for all your donations, you guys are Amore!
More pictures visit

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