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You remember Bruno that we wrote about from earlier blogs. Rescued by Tammy and Deb. Castrated and sponsored by AWL, and fostering at Hospice Casa dell’Amore, and then adopted by James and Abbi.

They are doing great! I got an e mail from Abbi (and I have met Bruno in between too) I want to share with you…a Bruno Longheart update;

I just wanted to drop a line in and say he is doing wonderful and I will be putting some pictures up on facebook shortly. I apologize it has taken me this long to let you know how he is doing but it has been a crazy week, but we are all adjusting wonderfully. Bruno is getting 3 walks a day, we also bring him to a friends house with a large fenced in yard every day and let him run and play with his brother (snout, he was a stray also) and our friends little puppy Holly. They all get along wonderfully and Bruno is so gentle and sweet with Holly. He is also a giant cuddler…he likes to curl up right next to (or sometimes on top) of us and watch movies. We are still working on being potty trained, but he has not has an accident in the house for 3 days now! We have also noticed that he loves to play fetch, he could run and chase a ball for hours! We are so lucky to have him and we are enjoying him everyday. He is such a happy dog.

This is Amore!

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