Animals Without Limits

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” Oh, when are they comming?”

“I think they are in here!”

Sweet Love!

This last Saturday we again had a mini mission at our hospice. Again, the Lynn Hunter family showed up and it was great to see that they brought with them friends from the Naples American High School Science Fiction Club. A lovely group of teenagers, ready to help.

Also from the food store on base came Bill; and my great couple Martina and Pio came to work, too. Patty is always there in the mornings, so she had made it clean and nice before we all entered at 10.00

Scooby and Phillipo got bathed, I think Phillipo enjoyed it more than Scooby-he is such a good boy. Think, Phillipo has been closed in a small cage for two years since they said he didn’t like males-or not many dogs. Don’t tell him that Scooby is a male! Phillipo has grown in my eyes — I so admire him — he has a great self esteem. I will sure miss these guys when they fly to Sweden the 11th. Phillipo’s “mom” has been waiting for him for over one year.

Our new washing machine finally got all the parts to plug it in thanks to Pio. The blankets smell divine now!

We cleaned; walked Athena; practiced with Ms Maple to walk on a leash inside the house for over one hour (she did great); we loved up on everyone; and cleaned some more. Graysen watered the bushes.

We had a wonderful day, and the teenagers were great — what a team!

Thank you Lynn and David for putting together a tool box for the hospice, what a great idea.

This was a great Amore day, for us volunteers and for the four legged clients. Thanks to all for making a difference. That’s Amore!

See you soon again!

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