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Up on Mount Vesuvius, are there many strays and even more dumped dogs with collars, ear tattoos, or even microchip. Apparently, it is easy to go up there, open the door and kick out your best friend, the dog. And many times the people even do it during day light.

The place is full of hungry and sick dogs. The volunteers doesn’t know where to start to help.

I read many cries for help on Facebook, and the pictures are many times simply heart-breaking. You can feel their pain and see it in their eyes. Once loved, now they are just one of the garbage bags.

Martina- helps me communicate with the Italian rescue people about what is many times a hard choice to make: “who to chose to help?” Martina and I seem to have the same thinking process. It is also nice to have someone else to share the pain of not being able to help more deserving souls (and the joy of success when it happens).

And so, last night we got one new client to our hospice Casa dell’ Amore.

One of the cast-offs found on the volcano Vesuvius. She is very sick! Two ladies drove her to a veterinarian clinic where she had an examination and blood test done. She is suffering a high fever and a severe case of leishaminiosis. Her medicine prescription looks like Santa’s Christmas wish list; but her true wish is only to be loved again and healthy.

Thanks to a wonderful family before moving from here, we got a nice big sofa in one of the rooms upstairs at the hospice. We put a warm blanket — that someone had lovingly donated— over the sofa and Martina brought up food and water that this little near skeleton ate with a good appetite. She is so tiny!

But we all love her so dearly, already. When you open the door to her room you can hear her tail go off at 50km/h. She is so petit, loving and only wants you to sit together with her and hold her. I don’t know if my heart aches out of love or pain since I see what she has gone through.

We named her HOPE!

Thank you rescue ladies for giving her a voice on FB, thank you wonderful Martina for spending all the time on the phone with them, and making sure they came to our hospice. Your heart is so big and beautiful, every day it is a pleasure working together with you. And you never ask anything in return, never!

To all you who donate money or things to AWL, this is thanks to you that we can save and rescue and love the dogs. Without YOU we are nothing.
You are the Amore. Thank you.

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