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Our little big Joy arrived at the hospice this morning, and my heart melted right away. Those long ears, those big watery eyes, that grey face and long small legs.

Joy (Gioia in Italian) is about 14 years old, skinny but with a positive attitude.
She let all the dogs at the hospice smell her and then she started to smell around. What a good girl.
She is an old hunting dog that has been on a chain for many years. She has many cuts on her ears.
Found on the streets in the Napoli area among cars, lost and hungry.

Now she is with us. If someone wants to adopt her, a forever home only please, since she loves to cuddle and scratch those inner legs. She is a beautiful spirit, with a lot of fantastic manners.

She was shivering when Pio and Martina brought her in to Casa dell’Amore. I ran up to the office and took out a brand new dog coat for her. Perfect size!
AWL Sweden had sent down a package, I sent them a warm thought in thanks. That’s warm Amore!
Again to my great animal team Martina and Pio. They are doing such a great team work. Francesca thank you for your heart with Joy. AWL supporters thank you for your donations we can open our door for these lost souls. Your donation is making a big difference. That’s Amore.

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