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I got in to my house last Friday after working a couple of hours at the hospice. Pio who helps me out watching the kids, was putting on his jacket when I receive a call from Dr. Lungo (Dr. Damiani clinic). They had a dying dog that had been poisoned, he told me, could we come in with Bruno and give a blood transfusion?

Lonely with my kids, already late evening, I asked him to allow me to call him back. I told Pio the story, could he go to the hospice and get Bruno and drive to Dr Damiani’s clinic? I would pay!

Pio’s partner, Martina, was waiting for him at home. A Friday evening after a long weeks work, dinner would be ready and they would have time to be together with their own dogs. But Pio said he would do it, and he even turned down the money.

I called Martina and told her that Pio would be late and what the reason was. Wonderful Martina said, “Of course he has to go!”

This is such unselfish, beautiful teamwork; no whining, no complaining.
He drove to the hospice, took AWL Bruno on a mission to save the life of another.

Pio, Bruno, Dr. Lungo, Dr Damiani, saved a life last night. That’s heartwarming Amore.

I picked up Bruno yesterday from Dr Damiani’s clinic, and the little girl Bruno gave blood to will make it.

The poison causes internal organs to break down and leak, an animal dies by internal bleeding. It’s a slow and painful death. Dogs should have 45% red blood cells, this little girl had only 11%, she was close to death from the internal bleeding.

It is so beautiful, Bruno was rescued and saved, and now he saved a life. That’s Amore!

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