Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Bubba was found by Pio, on the highway when he came driving. It was a dangerous place for a small little puppy, well really for anyone.

When he came home with Bubba to his partner Martina, she fell in love with him right away.

Martina had just recently put her beloved dog, Luce, to sleep because they learned that she was full of cancer. She had become very sick, was in pain, and her quality of life had degraded significantly. Martina gave Luce the best months in her 16-year long life. Luce came to Martina and Pio from one of the shelters were the dogs ever get out. 13 years she had spent behind the bars, on cold damp concrete. And being bullied by her “cell mates”

Martina believes that Luce sent her Bubba, to tell him that he should stay in their home; you will be spoiled and loved. And that is very true.

AWL made sure that Bubba got vaccinations and a health check at Dr Damiani’s clinic. It’s all amore.

In memorial Luce the great.

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