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Our Brat-Pack, Gracey Lynn (German Shepherd), Ms Maple (beige), Billy Bob (black & brown Doberman mix) a funny gang. Well, it was time to say good-bye to our Gracey Lynn that had been with us for several months.
Not because of lack of families, we actually turned down three different families, because we didn’t think the match was great for anyone, two-legged or four-legged.

Our Gracey Lynn, together with 5 other siblings was pushed down in a dirty bucket and left in a Park. The security called me, and Tammy went and picked them up and had them in her home for a couple of days. The pups were only about four weeks old. Then three were adopted and three moved in with us at the Hospice. They kept the oldies going–and us too.
Eventually, her two remaining siblings got adopted to the same family and left us with our little Gracey Lynn.

Gracey Lynn was the weakest, smallest and had strange things happening to her. She had a big water bubble-blister looking thing on her back leg, which made it hard for her to walk. Part of her tail looked like a rat’s, hairless and scaly. But we treated her, gave her good food and attention–we forgot the discipline–

And she became an even more beautiful girl, our Gracey Lynn. From a little ball of fur, to a beautiful German Shepherd. So of course we were very picky with a new family. Martina my great animal friend, found a wonderful family up North that had been waiting for one month for Gracey Lynn. What I love about the family’s “mom” was that she kept calling Martina asking “When is she coming, when?” When the original plans fell through for Gracey Lynn to go to the family on Christmas Eve, they actually cried.

Martina’s lovely other half, Pio, came and picked up heavy, lively Gracey Lynn to bring her to the driver that would transport her up North.

And we got lovely pictures from a very happy family and a very happy Gracey Lynn.
That’s Amore!

Thank you Kendra for your phone call alerting us to the abandoned pups; Tammy for picking them up and having them for one week. AWL for not rushing any adoption just to get rid of them; YOU who made the donations for food and vaccinations and de worming and Gracey Lynn’s stay at the vet clinic and treatment. Todd for going to the hospice late evenings to cuddle up with the brat-pack and your favorite Miss Gracey Lynn; Martina for finding a good home and not picking “whatever”; Pio for going to the hospice early on the morning to get her to the driver. This is darn good teamwork Amore!

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