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The day before Christmas I received a phone call from our veterinarian Dr Damiani. An Italian lady had brought in a dog to his clinic with American tags and microchip. The lady could not foster him, could I? Of course with 20 dogs one more could not hurt, I understood that many people during the Christmas holidays absolutely don’t want to deal with new “problems.” For me and my family it is Christmas, show a helping hand!

I drove there and Dr Damiani and Dr Lungo had found out the name of the US owner on the microchip but there was one problem, the owner had left the country in 2004!

Ok, now I see why people don’t want to get involved too much, you can get stuck with a stranger in your home.

Bruno was his name, and he came home with me and was great together with all the dogs that swormed him sniffing his butt.

For days he followed be, he refused to go out if I didn’t go out with him. He wined by the door until I came home. He was a sweetheart, so polite, no accidents in the house, funny to play catch with.

Everything was closed for the holidays, and no one wanted to give out information over Christmas and New Years.

When trying to find information about the owner it became discovery learning: “Eh, we don’t know if he is still in the NAVY” or “Well so many years have gone you can keep him if you want to.” There is no process in place to locate past owners when this sort of situation comes up.

I refused! Yes we have many, too many abandoned animal stories, but if we stop searching for the good endings we have failed. I said “if it was his wife missing you would find him in a heartbeat!”

These people I talked with were never rude, simply not knowing what to do or how to proceed and go full force.

I sent messages, searching and when you believe in a miracle….one happens.

My veterinarian called me today and said, “I had to take the bus into the clinic. When I walked to the clinic there on a wall is Bruno’s picture with a missing note.” The owner was looking for him!

It was incredible. Jake is the person registered on base as the owner, he had had Bruno for 2 years and then his wonderful landlords Mena with husband had been taking him over. For 7 years Bruno has stayed with them in their home. Just before Christmas, the other American family drove out from their Parco and didn’t see Bruno running after their car. That’s how he got lost.

As a present to them I bought, an Italian microchip that Dr Lungo implanted the same evening. Now, if Bruno gets out again, it will be easier to find his rightful home. And the generous family gave AWL a donation for our commitment and care for the dogs, stray or not…That’s Amore

And Bruno’s original master? Jake is still in the US Navy and was just here visiting a couple of months ago. The family wasn’t aware that the microchip was in Jake’s name on base, and hadn’t registered Bruno in the Italian system. It wasn’t what it appeared, an all-too-familiar case of abandonment. Instead it was an example of doing things almost right.

Everyone can now relax, Bruno is back home. I have to admit, I got attached to the little fellow. What a guy!

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