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You could read about Contessa on one earlier blog. Contessa is now at our hospice recovering. She gets to sleep inside, on a bed and with her own pillow; fantastic nutritious food with extra vitamins for old, abused dogs. She can be alone and rest. No longer in a 400 dog shelter, in a cage on a concrete floor were no one sleeps. Shelters here are like prisons! As an inmate, you have to stand guard: over your bed, your food — others can come and attack you–they want your space.

She was breathing heavy at the veterinarian clinic, but that is understandable too. The shelter, as horrible as it is, is her only safety zone she knows of, she doesn’t understand the future, only the past.

Now since Thursday she is up on her legs walking and have met the other hospice kids, and it went very well. Calm and easy!

However, her blood test didn’t come out great. She is anemic, and her liver test is lousy.

Monday, we have scheduled an x-ray and ultra sound appointment at 16.30 to see how her inner body looks like. If she is full of cancer, we will have to take another direction.

She is not in pain, probably some discomfort, but we are giving her eye drops at least 5 times a day to keep the “eye” moistened, and thus not too annoying for her. It is how it looks like that gives other people “pain” its ugly and its nasty. When we see something that looks horrible we want to take it away, it hurts our stomach, our inner feelings.

We are not keeping clients that are in pain alive just for the sake of being alive, that is against our beliefs. But we believe in giving one a chance if the there is hope and no undue suffering. Together with experienced veterinarians, we decide what is best for our clients, even if it looks ugly. That’s Amore!

Thank you Dr Longo and Dr Alexandria, also want to thank Martina and Pio.

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