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For ten years now I have observed a yearly tradition, a Lucia fest in my home. The guests that I invite bring a bag of dog food each instead of a bottle of wine or flower to me. In years past, all the bags would be donated to a shelter in need. It always felt good meeting friends and shareing some Glogg (red sweet Swedish drink, has to be warm) with some snacks. And, to collect 30 bags of dog food for others in need. Christmas hits many organizations very baddly, so it feels like a win-win situation.

This year we had it at the AWL Hospice among the oldies and some younger ones. It felt even better to show the guests what we were doing and for them to meet our clients.

Patty is a wonderful volunteer who helps out at the hospice a lot. I love her way towards the animals, her self going and great ideas. She is a big asset for the oldies and me.

The Lucia evening was wonderful, with approximately 40 people from Italy, Canada, USA and Sweden. Oriana’s husband entertained the children wonderfully.

But this evening was the coldest in a long time, and we no heat at the hospice we were stepping around to keep our self warm. It was a kind of torture, the dogs had their fur coats.

But many times it is a good thing to “celebrate” were the help is needed, you get to feel it instead of hear it.

A couple of days later our Dutch friends came down to the hospice with 400 liters of gas to the hospice. We were in the earthly heaven.

Thank you all guests that made this evening warm and loving and for all the dog food, blankets, towels, dog biscuits, toys, cleaning detergent, dog house/crate.

Thank you, wonderful Dutch family JP, Babs, Ticco and Peter for the gas. 400 liters! WOW!!!!That’s wonderful warm, Amore!

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