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For several weeks we have had horrible weather with a lot of rain and hard wind. It has not been easy for the strays, being wet and cold. The little female girl, not even one year old took protection under a van from the heavy rain. Sensitive and shy she didn’t move when the family came out from the house, ran to the van and started it. She didn’t move!

As the family in their van started to roll, they heard a heartbreaking scream. They jumped out and there they saw this little girl still caught under the wheel.

The family got her out and called a woman named Tammy who tried to contact me, but I was busy stitching up a torn-up ear on one of the hospice residents.

Tam called Dr Damiani and told the family to come in an emergency to the clinic, and they did.

Little “Socket” was such a good girl, even as a stray, she put all her trust in the Doctor who did a great job rescuing her leg.

I went there the next morning and visited, and Socket was doing so much better. Animals are fantastic to heal quickly.

I talked to the family and they came in the next day to pick her up.

AWL made sure that she got her vaccinations and de-worming on top of the big accident treatment.

Socket is now adopted by another family with children that she already adores.

So when it is raining, please check under your car, some strays won’t even move when your car starts.

When the family came to pick up Socket, they had this little 5 kg guy with them. Also a stray that moved in to their yard and then into the house. He came at the same time as Socket, but has more guts. AWL made sure that Toto could be vaccinated and de-wormed too. That’s Amore.

Thank you to the family for bringing Socket in and for your donation, same to Tammy for your donation and AWL for the rest of the bill–it is all you who make it possible for us to help those in need. That’s grande Amore.

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