Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



AWL’s award board agrees it is difficult to nominate great animal rescuers, there are many to choose from. Many are trying and doing their best, even if they’re busy with school, family or work and their own dogs. But the board saw something extra one day a couple of months ago in Rita Schneider.

Julian (dog) was found paralyzed and couldn’t see. The finder didn’t want to keep him, she had a lot of explanations why not. AWL brought him to Dr Damiani for treatments but didn’t have a foster home. Rita said “bring him here!” She cared for Julian and gave him his medicine, and one day he even ran through the apple tree plantation adjacent to her home. Julian got a couple of months of happiness and was the most loving soul, but the Universe called him home. Not for nothing, Julian taught us a lot about ourselves.

AWL’s award board was touched by Director Mia’s story about Lea. She and other volunteers visited a shelter with 500 dogs. When leaving they are being passed by a big female limping, skinny and sick with Erlichia. With tears Mia asked where the dog was going and got the answer she had been spayed and now released back on the street (sick) Mia took Lea in the car and once again Rita said, “bring her here.”

Medicine was bought and Rita’s mother sponsored Lea with special dog food for her liver that is so expensive, everything to get Lea back to health. And so she did, AWL Lea is now a big, overweight girl (she gets in to all food) and healthy. Now staying at Mia’s house together with 17 other dogs, and she is doing great.

This is Amore; any foster is special, but to take in multiple dogs with special needs, to help special cases in need with medicine, home and care goes above and beyond the call. Rita, thank you for what you do for the homeless, sick un-wanted animals. That’s Amore.

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