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Our animal friend Tammy was put on this mission. I received an e-mail some time ago that “we” had to come and get these puppies or the lady with them didn’t know what to do next with them. This woman was difficult to work with: took forever to get answers back, didn’t answer on the cell phone. And when we finally set a date to pick them up, she didn’t want anyone that day because she had to bathe them. Finally, Tam and a foster home “dad” could go and pick them up, it was all very upsetting. Here’s Tammy’s report:

The brown and white pups shown on the couch below were in pretty bad shape – it turns out the people who had them on base could not afford dog food and just gave them scraps. They were severely underweight. Our new foster has been feeding them slowly round the clock and the weight is coming back on. Last night I dropped them off at a clinic to get a complete health check and sterilized.

Once again, Animals Without Limits (AWL) is generously picking up the whole tab (my pockets are getting shallow). Unfortunately, AWL’s funds begin to dry up during the holiday season. Lets try to remember “tis the season” to give, including our four legged friends, so if any of you feel at all generous and can contribute a few dollars or euros to AWL please please give so we can continue the never ending fight to give a few dogs a chance at a decent life. If you skip one lunch or dinner out a month and brown bag it or eat at home, that’s saved money that we could use and you won’t miss 🙂

We can’t help them all but those that have the fortune of crossing our paths will not be ignored. I have included AWL’s link for on line donations. Thanks in advance for any help – one dog at a time. Tam.

AWL MARIA MATTSSONIT 15Y0316501600000110478130
IW BANK S.p.A.Via Cavriana, 2020134 Milan

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