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The Animals Without Limits Hospice briefly had the pleasure to provide room and board to a wonderful guy, Max. Let me tell you his story.

Max was living on the street. A man in the area threatend to kill him and some other dogs. Animal Friends Martinia and Chiara Ricci, knew the man was serious as they knew he had killed some other dogs by poisoning them. They just couldn’t let this handsome fellow fall to the same fate.

But they also didn’t have any space to bring him in… they already had too many dogs themselves. They found a family in northern Italy that wanted to adopt Max, but still they needed some time in between saving him, making health check, and transporting him north. What to do?

I called Lega Pro Animale and they were able to keep him for 3 days when he got health checked and also castrated. Saturday, his saviors picked Max up and brought him to AWL Hospice for a 2 day stay.

Max fit right in. He stayed upstairs in one of the bedrooms, and didn’t make a mess at all. This was his first experience in a house, but he did wonderfully. He got along very well with the other residents, even Gracy (puppy German Shepard) who drove him crazy playing and nipping at him.

It was fun to watch such a big boy cower and seek security from the puppy, a third his size.

He was deferential to the oldies, and seemed to know his place. He quickly won our hearts, and it was bittersweet to send him on his way to his new forever home. I cried when he walked out the gate jumping into the car that would bring him to his future home.

He was a delightful fellow to have at the Hospice, if even only for a few days, I still miss him.

Thank you Martina and Chiara for saving him, AWL supporters for making it possible thanks to your donations to have him castrated and health checked. Also thank you AWL Hospice that we were able to have Max there secure for a couple of days.
That’s amore.

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