Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


I have to tell you the whole story. My phone rang at 20.30 one evening and I had had a horrible day with a lot of hard work and difficult cases and difficult people to deal with. I looked at the phone and it said “Barbara German Shepherds” This was a Dutch family that had adopted 2 puppies from us several weeks ago. In my negative mind at that moment I thought, “gosh they don’t want the puppies anymore.”

The phone rang again, I took it and answered thinking “better to deal with it now than tomorrow”.

I heard this glad voice telling me how wonderful the puppies were, and how they enjoyed them.

Now I was clueless. ‘Can we, the Dutch Military Community, come by the hospice?. We have a check to you for 600 euros!” You see, each nation’s contingent earns money at the annual International Bazaar by selling food, drinks or other culturally-unique items, and then donate the proceeds it to a worthy cause. The Dutch contingent thought Animals Without Limits, and our hospice, was just such a worthy cause.

What a great ending of a rough day! I was floating on clouds. Thank you so much Dutch Military community for bringing such a wonderful early Christmas gift to the Hospice “Casa della Amore”

In honor of the donation, we had a little bit of bubbles, and the four legged oldies thought it was fun with so much attention and love.

I have always seen these kinds of big checks in magazines and on TV, and always thought it would be wonderful to hold one. And let me tell you, it was wonderful.

Showing our Memorial Wall of past clients that now play at the Rainbow bridge.

Thank you beautiful, warmhearted, JP, Barbara, Tiko del Rojj, Hans Stuij, Dita Bergwerff, Freya van Engelen. And of course the whole Dutch Military Community. Thanks for all the Amore.

(And the dog food that you also brought with you)

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