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Early in the evening it is now getting darker. Sarah and her friend came and helped out with feeding and cleaned the hospice–THANK YOU so much for your wonderful help.

We got a new hospice resident/client, Alemm. He is 18 years old and lived locked in a room for many years at his owners house. He was living only on human food, and laid in his own pee and poop. Apparently, little if any human-dog contact. Effectively, it was “solitary confinement” for this soul who committed no crime worth such a sentence.

When his owner recently moved to a new house she threw Alemm out. 18 years old, senile and blind. A fine thank you for a life of devotion!

Italian animalfriend Oriano called me and asked if Alemm could come and stay at our Casa della Amore. Of course we would give him a warm bed, vitamines, healthy food and a loving hand.

Her animal friends joined in and brought him to Hospice. It was heartbreaking to see him, really just a shell of a dog.

I gave him one bath and the water was dark brown. A volunteer Michael helped me bathing him a second time, and still the water was brown yellow. Most of the time, he circles to the left in smallish, 2-meter diameter circles. He must have been in a small, 2-meter wide room all those years. 😦
I said to my husband how someone could abandoned his fury friend after 18 years? Considering that the dog was shut away in the room for years, Todd looked at me and said, “You don’t know when she actually abandoned him.”

Thank you Oriano and Marcello, Tiziana Sommaiolo and Eleonora …Maria Reder and Corrado,Piera. For all your donations, that’s Amore. And a special thank you to all you who help AWL to have a hospice for those old, wise, fury friends. Your donations are a blessing!


  1. Kathryn

    is it possible Alemm had a stroke?
    walking in circles is sign of this.

    Dog stroke symptoms usually appear suddenly and are very different than stroke symptoms in humans. In humans, a drooping face and paralysis on one side of the body is common. This is not so with dogs. Symptoms vary based on the location of the stroke.
    Canine stroke symptoms often include:

    * tilting the head to the side
    * walking in a circle
    * turning the wrong way when called
    * eating out of only one side of the food bowl
    * loss of balance
    * lethargy/acting tired
    * loss of bladder and bowel control
    * blindness
    * sudden behavioral changes

    Severe strokes have additional symptoms such as:

    * heart arrhythmia
    * collapse


  2. Todd

    Wow, much of that sure seems to be exactly what Alemm is dealing with. But in his case, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just the culmination of all he's had to deal with in his 18 years, apparently much of it in solitary confinement!


  3. Mia


    Thank you so much for your very interesting comment. A veterinarian is coming to our hospice tomorrow and I will defenently talk about that to him.

    Great comment!


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