Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation


The Husky looking one Sue is extremely friendly – she was tossed from a moving car and in the process the car hit her back leg. Apparently she had a terrible limp up until a few days ago so she seems to be healing well I guess, but still favors the right leg slightly. Thank you Deb and Tammy for feeding and now transporting them to LegaPro, for castration/sterilization and health check that AWL will pay. Thank you volunteers for team working and especially all you who donate to AWL. Your donations are making a difference for those who have had bad owners that do this to a fury friend.
Husky got a fosterhome, but of course a forever loving active fun home would be heaven.

The other strays are picking on this handsome guy, he needs a fosterhome asap. He has a gash on his side and a new one under his jawline into his neck area. He has many scars and has been beat up quite a bit. He is a bit shy in the beginning but when you start to scratch him he is in heaven. Please give him a fosterhome and best a forever home!

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