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For such a long time I have wanted to write to you about Abby’s new life in Sweden, and every time I started, I’ve felt sorrow. Not that she is having it bad, quiet the opposite, she is in her Paradizzo. Read here about Abby, what a trooper, what a story:

Maria’s family adopted her and they knew that Abby had a bad leg but not as bad as it turned out to be, because Abby’s “fixed” leg was broken again. It killed my heart since I felt bad that our Vet team hadn’t checked it again with an x-ray to be sure.

On top of everything, the Italian governmental veterinarian team didn’t know that Sweden requires 120 days after a rabies vaccination for rabies control and not 30 as many other countries in Europe. And of course I trusted them and Abby got caught in the customs check and had to sit in quarantine for seven days. Her poor new family were waiting outside and totally devastated! They waited so long and she had gone through so much, yet they still couldn’t have her!

Ulla, a friend and a great AWL sponsor was the handler and had contact with the family and all those involved. She never gave up, even from her work she was calling and fixing things. That’s fantastic!

Finally, the family got Abby, and her leg was broken (earlier in Italy) and they spoke to the Swedish specialty team, the surgery that she needed would cost 4500 euro. (yes they got a second opinion)

No vacation, no new clothing’s, no nothing….they gave this little girl a new leg, a dog they had known for just one week physically. But they knew her emotionally and spiritually via distance for 8 months. Thanks to them, Abby can now run on four legs as well as having a forever family!

Among the AWL board, there was no doubt that that such devotion demanded the AWL prize go to the family Maria Svegare Berglund, what a “That’s Amore Family”


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