Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Freckles is a sensitive, shy, and misunderstood beautiful black and white girl. She was being fed outside a Lindsey’s gate and loved up on. She saw her sister get killed by a car. Lindsey tried to find someone that could adopt her, but like in many homes around here, there are already many dogs. Freckles was in two other foster homes and then she came to our home for nearly 6 months.

Animals Without Limits – Sweden searched for a family and found a wonderful lady name Lena. And to my pleasant surprise, I knew her! Many years ago made she wrote an article about me (a great one 🙂 so I knew she was one of the better animal friends out there.

Last weekend, I flew in to Denmark were Lena was waiting and it was so beautiful to see how Freckles turned to Lena as her new owner, after just a quick couple of hours.

Freckles now lives on a beautiful farm, with horses, cows and a huge place to run. She also is going with Lena to her work. What a Paradizzo, the lost soul found her destination. That’s Amore.

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