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Two special new residents at the AWL Hospice in Campania.

We were contacted by animal friend Martina, about four dogs living on the streets in Napoli, but they had lost their master. They had lived free on the streets with a “bag lady” that was now severely sick, and some people in the area wanted to poison or throw them into a shelter. I wrote to Martina, “bring two, Angel and Tiger!”

Angel is the big male, he is 17 years old and blind. His “eyes” are a female, 15 years old. The next day they were brought by Martina and other animal loving people that lived in the area. It was amazing to watch how Tiger was escorting Angel around outside (setting the boundaries?) and into the hospice were they calmly laid down and fell a sleep. Quiet and loving. We were amazed!

The next morning we hurried to the hospice at 0500 to let them out. No accidents in the house, they walked out and made their business and then went inside the house again.

Angel (blind) is so loving and playful as only a 17 year old dog can be, but he cuddles up to you. Tiger, is ever the guide/bodyguard — she keeps her distance –won’t get too involved in the people, always watching the surroundings–ready to make a move to protect Angel at the slightest danger.

We are all so in love and so impressed, this is not something we’ve ever experienced in over 15 years of working with animals. That’s Amore!


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