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Such busy days, it’s been crazy here. We went out to Lega Pro Animale and picked up the whole Great Dane family that we have “rescued.” Lega Pro was the only place who could fit in 2 adults and 8 puppies for a health check. They are wonderful dogs, but jumping in the car? Oh no we had to lift them in. Suddenly my big SUV seemed small.

5-6 weeks old.

The same day, we took over 4 German Shepard puppies that were put in a dirty bucket and abandoned at an American recreation area. The Military Police called me before calling the dog catchers, since then they would go to the “not so good’ shelters. What could we say? Of course, we would help.

We took them to have their poop checked, and they had some patches without fur, which we wanted to have an analysis done on, to make sure it is noting serious. And it was not Demodex, its “just” bacteria. Thank you, Dr Gigi.

12 Puppies, yay! And I am not a puppy person. It is so much work, they are constantly pooping and walking in it, and of course on me too. They are cute, but my passion goes out to oldies, but AWL helping all four legged animals, young or old. That’s Amore!

Thank you Kendra for calling about the German Shepard Pups, Tammy for getting them and fostering them for a couple of days, then handing them over to me. We hope we can find forever, loving homes.

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