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You have been able to follow us on the blog, the “Mission Jen” with the Great Danes that were at a riding school. A lot of people, children got scared of these gentle giants, and maybe not the best environment for the puppies to grow up in. Jen from Hotel Agora introduced us and she and her husband are the adult dogs’ sponsors.

We picked them up and of course they got stressed about what was going on. They have never during their 3 years left the place. It was heart breaking — their concern for their puppies combined with their anxiety over where they were going, leaving the only home they’d ever known!

Big Puppy Yawn!
We got them to LegaProAnimale, a big family of two adults and 8 puppies (4 weeks old). Once at LPA, they were de-wormed and Advantix applied right away. Dr. Lorenzo was a sport helping us.

During the next 3 days, they will go through a lot of health tests, and the adult male will be castrated (female will be when she is done nursing). This will be her break after many litters in a “Puppy Mill”.

Her eyes seemed to be bothering her, so a double check on that too….we want our clients to feel better, that’s what our donaters want as well.

Jennifer and Christian Hotel Agora, thank you for saving these lives. That’s Amore

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