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What a heartbreaking visit today at a stable with two “beautiful” Great Danes, female and male with 15 days old puppies! They all appear to be pure-bred in this breed.

Jenn from Hotel Agora introduced me to “the people that feed” them, and she wants to sponsor this “rescue project.” AWL will have them spayed and neutered but they also need a nice place to be able to relax in for the rest of their lifes. A garden with dog house would be just perfect! They are so sweet together.

Tomorrow I will go and medicate the female.

They are both approximately 4 years-old, and the female appears to have been a “puppy-mill mama” — lots of litters in her few years.

The puppies are also up for adoptions. Please help them!

Remember the blog about the two dogs that were owned by an American and a person “helped” her adopt them away. Well they ended up in “rough” shelter/kennel, not the loving home the owner was lead to believe they went to.

AWL found the owner and brought them together. Lilly she kept, but Frankie she didn’t want to keep (small home and too much work for her with 2 dogs).

Well, Frankie is being fostered by Tammy (pictured) and her 5 dogs. She tells me he is a wonderful dog. Happy and loves to play; he adjusts great and very quickly to the pack, family home. He is 2 years old.

Frankie together with his two new best friends friends.

“Big Boy” was in a pack of four dogs at an Agip gas station. He needs a home quickly since his three other pack friends all got new homes…..please, it is heartbreaking that one has to be “abandoned” — left behind not understanding why! Please help a paw-fect friend

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