Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

AWL days are so full with mission and projects it can be up to a 10h working day. Not everything are being told on the blog. Some things cannot be writen about (yet) it is sensitive, and some things need to be solved without “headlines’Morena, a sweet insecure loving girl that got kicked out by her Polish family. She had slept for many months out on the family balcony, not allowed to come in, even if her “dog friend” slept inside and in moms and dads bed, But not Morena.
AWL helped and saved the life on the other dog since he was nearly “going over to the other side” from Parvo, They were so grateful.
Never could I believe that they would cold harted dump a dog that had stayed with them.

We are so tired of people getting away so easy!

Martina and Pio brought Morena to LegaPro were she could be sterilized, microchip thanks to AWL. Martina had found someone that could take care of Morena up in Rimini, (12h drive back and forth) and AWL sent out a request for help.

Wonderful Lynn and Andy called and said they could do it. Yesterday Morena was brought to Mia’s house and slept one night, early this morning at 0700 was she picked up and driven to Donatella in Rimini. Thank you all for helping this little soul who did nothing wrong. Thank you secret gas donate, Trine lent her car for the trip. And Martin for being her voice.
Morena got a new life and a new name “La Luna”

At 0900 this morning we got the most beautiful phone call, “Mia we got food donation to AWL, you have to come and pick it up”
Thank you Anna at the Nex office…and you all who didn’t buy this food so AWL could get the food and share with the shelters. That’s Amore

One of our volunteers Todd is a big animal lover 🙂

Our little Thelma.
Remember earlier she was thrown out from an Italian car at a gas station. The people at the gas station was feeding her but couldn’t have her there much longer.
She was rescued by Tammy and another girl (forgive me I dont know your name) brought to Lega Pro for sterilization.
A couple of days later was Mia on her way over there to Lega, to pick her up. Well she got into Mia’s house, and now they are having a hard time parting from her.

She is so wonderful, quiet and loving. When Lynn came to pick up Bonita, Thelma snuggled up into Lynns arms. Todd is so in touched by Thelma too, and today her stiches were removed and at the same time she got a microchip in Mia’s and Todd’s name.

Spillo, was ran over a car, and left on the street. He is recovering great now.
He is a sweet heart, loving and so smart. He would like to have a home, a forever home and not empty promises. We all are getting tired of hearing empty words, we want trust and commitments. That’s Amore

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