Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



This is my dear animal friend Martina, who is a wonderful effort to AWL. She asked me if we could help her animal friend Maria with a stray Leo that is getting old and having difficulty getting up after been laying down. Of course AWL wanted, so with my family in the car we drove to a neighborhood with a lot of buildings. With Martina and Pio linking up with Maria.

Leo has been living in the same neighborhood for 12 years, every one knows him and many loves him. They are feeding him and feels secure to have him around, but now he is getting tired and having difficulty getting up. Still though no other strays are challenging him.
I knew right away that if we would move him into a clinic he would die, his heart would grieve that is how much he loved his well known area and people. I couldn’t do that to him.It would be like moving grandma from her beloved home into a hospital, she would grow “older’ much quicker. I had some antiflamatoric pills for him and tomorrow Monday afternoon will Maria go and pick him up and we will drive him in to the clinic for an examination and hopefully some “good heavy” medicine. Please keep your paws for Leo….if Plan A doesn’t work, I have a Plan B. Please follow Leo’s wishes from himself.


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