Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Look at this beauty, she loved it. By the way, this female is so calm and well behaved and she is up for adoption. The family doesn’t want her. If we didn’t have 17 dogs I would take her in a heart-beat. She is the most wonderful, well behaved kind dog I ever met.

Anna and Cindy did a good job washing dogs, some didn’t want to at first but afterwards they felt great.

This “little” one didn’t want to walk up to the bath tub.

The whole team helping out, and calm well behaved children join too.

Another bath…..

Megan and Stumpy, he was so in love with Megan it was heart-breaking watching. Since we knew that Megan and Tracey “only” were here for a couple of days volunteering. Stumpy from a past blog that ate his tail and AWL rescued him from bleeding to death. Look at him!
Also a wonderful spirit.

Brett and Nate were the great dog walkers. We were so amazed over how many dogs they got to walk, and after every walk they brushed the dog before putting him in. We were amazed.

This little one was found by Angela. He came walking on a very busy street in this condition, nearly being hit by trucks. We named him Fiore since we think he looks like a flower that with the right medicine and love, will soon bloom. We need help with donations to make that become reality.

Tracey and Megan flew in a couple of days from the States to help out. Stumpy was so in Amore heaven.

Here they come Anna and Cindy, super volunteers that had the day before collected money on Base and then bought dog food that they brought with them. That’s Amore
Thank you all again…you made such a difference …gave us smiles and the dogs hope. It was a very good day.
Mark, Brett, Nate, Cindy, Anna, Megan, Tracey, Angela with family, Olivia….fantastic Amore.

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