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American Swedish non profit organisation



One day, several months ago there was a little male dog — just skin and bones — carried in to Rosella’s shelter. Due to his apparent pain and hunger, he was aggressive. From his penis came bubbly fluid, he looked horrible, I have to say.

At that time there was a veterinarian at the shelter, and I brought her to the cage were he was laying.

” Help him” I said!

She couldn’t get close to him, he snapped like a barracuda.
We (AWL) had a group of volunteers there walking and cleaning dogs, and some of them got upset, they wanted him to be put to sleep.

One offered to pay for the medical treatments at a veterinarian clinic. But we couldn’t get close to the dog, he flew at us with his sharp teeth and then curled back up in his little box.
Rosella was also afraid that the vet clinic would put him to sleep because they would say it was more humane for him.

What could I do? It was her shelter, her dog…..we provide her with some medicine but not all, we gave some boxes of antibiotics. I have to admit it also crossed my mind to put him to sleep, but I respected Rosellas’s wish, and did what we could.

I’m happy to say that Rosella did it, together with her volunteers. A wonderful surprise…..Merlin got well, and he is now in a loving home. Enjoy the pictures below!

No one could touch him before, this is Amore.

I am amazed and happy.

Look at this face, so close to death–now so close to “earthly heaven.”

This is the new friend, Merlin looks fantastic.
Ahh la vita….
This is our mommy…..That’s Amore. Great job animal friends!

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