Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Tigro (picture below) was rescued from a horrible concentration camp here in Campania. When Milla was visiting we went in “undercover” in the shelter and Tigro caught Milla with his paws and wouldn’t let go.
With tears in her eyes Milla said “We had to save him!”
Finally after 2 months he is now in a very good shelter with 3 girlfriends and can come out everyday and roam around in free sniffing grass. I go there every second day.

He got his rabies shot and will in a couple of months go to Sweden.

Alessandria is a very wonderful animal friend, here she is welcoming Tigro

Sophia has become one of my favorites in the shelter. She is 4-5 years old, been there 1 year. She is so adorable, smart and listens very well. I hope I can give her a wonderful present; a wonderful home.

Scooby and Phillipo were moved from Marco Sanna kennel, to this shelter since here they can run outside everyday. This lady is taking care of the section were they are, and she is a very kind lady, giving them goodies and petting them instead of ignoring.
I like to watch people how they are towards shelter dogs, then I know if it is a good place or not.

Ulla from Sweden flew down over a long weekend, to spend time with her Phillipo and Capri, two dogs she adopted but waiting for their passport to be ready. Capri is ready but Phillipo didn’t develop any antibodies from his first shot of rabies, and had to take another one. When Ulla was here I brought Phillipo (and his friend Scooby) to my home so they could spend quality time together. He enjoyed the bath and Ulla was gentle and he loved it.

Ulla also brought alot of presents, for me, my children and also Swedish food, and for the dogs treats. Also she brought another car magnet since people cannot leave them alone on my car.

Thank you OBIDOS AB for sponsoring us with the beautiful sign. That,s Amore Grazie Mille

Sara Hover (SE-USA) thank you for your wonderful care package, still thinking and keeping yur promise to us–Thats Amore

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