Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Without you we cannot exist. Your help to us, is helping those without a voice and many times not a choice. Still we are against long-term shelters, and the owners that keep many dogs in shelters — often sick and in a horrible condition — and won’t adopt them away. We do not believe in putting dogs down for keeping statistics down. That is a lazy horrible “solution”

We are together side by side with Italian organizations that are doing great team job with adoptions. We make sure that they will get the medical help they need, and food. From AWL, we thank you for your help:

  • Sweden, Himmelska Hundars (Heavenly Dogs resturant )
  • My donated books sold at HH!
  • Donated money in a jar at HH
  • AWL shampoo sold at HH
  • Solveig Q to one eyed dog at 400 dog shelter for medical treatment
  • Från Dogma Karin och Mia
  • Milla with Pascha and Jimmi
  • Thank you AWL Sweden for supporting us.
  • A member of the Canadian military at the Naples NATO base donated dog food.
  • Vania Lamanna (USA/Italy)for all the bags of dog food.
  • Tamara H (USA/Italy)thank you for supporting us even if you are yourself dealing with all the strays here in Campania.
  • Craig K from LA, (USA) you still got that big bear heart.
  • Lisa H (USA/Italy) your donation is helping us with dog food and medical treatments, thank you.
  • Tracey N, USA still every month your donation keeps coming, with everything that you are having around you, you still remember us.
  • Ulla L, Maria.S and Bella A (Sweden) also always supporting us every month.
  • Operational support, bags of dog food, shampoo, biscuits from Rita and Jake Schneider (USA/Italy)(and they are taking care of my Lea)
  • Generous donation from David and Ylva Mercer (USA/Sweden) (not related but very good friends)
  • Sarah (UK) donated to the shelter where Grace (Sky) was staying, five minutes later she brought Grace home. And dog food for the 400 dog shelter.
  • Rachel (UK) with family, food to the 400 dog shelter.

Sometimes it gets frustrating, feeling like so few are helping, or concerned. But your donations and support always brightens our hearts, and helps desperately needy animals in Campania. You are Amore!

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