Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Last Saturday we went to Rosella’s shelter for walking and washing dogs (and food donation). The sun was warm and we were a group of 10 that did fantastic work. It is great when the team is doing well together, helping and laughing too. Then one of the volunteers Megan came up to me and told me that there was a German Shepherd bleeding badly.

A very stressed German Shepard was chewing up his tail, his scream was heart breaking. I told Rosella she needed to take him to the vet, or he would bleed to death otherwise. I got him out of the cage and as soon as he felt something around his neck he screamed and jumped like a wild one, then attacked his tail (what was left of it) I took his face in my hands and spoke to him, he calmed down and his beautiful eyes searched after help. It was difficult to get him out he was panicking in between, and I guess it looked worse to me with all the blood. Rosella couldn’t deal with the blood, the new volunteer couldn’t do it either, it became like a circus. I told everyone to calm down, that their energies would affect him more. I got him in the mini-van and our volunteer Mark sat with him since he went into panic attacks.
Not long after they left for the vet, they came back with him! The vet told them we should wash the tail and give him antibiotics.
I got so mad and everybody heard me cursing in Italian. We couldn’t touch his tail, he screamed and then putting him into a cage on wet concrete, he would just keep bleeding and get infections if he didn’t bleed to death first!
I was so mad, what an incompetent veterinarian who doesn’t give his client treatment! I took the German Shepherd into my SUV and with Olivia drove him to the vet team LegaPro. Dr Gigi got informed and he agreed together with Lorenzo that what was left of the tail needed amputation. They said they would keep him for 10 days! You see that is what I call service!
I call him Jessie. Jessie is so sweet and will die a slow painful death if we return him to the cage, that I call the death cage. He is young, sweet and needs so much confirmation that he is a handsome guy who never will be hit or tied up. A forever home? A foster home? Hope?
Thank you AWL team for all the great work you did, Vania and her friend Megan with Husband Jason, and Megan’s mother and brother, too (a wonderful warm hearted fun family). Reece (who made me think of chocolate the whole time) Darren our trooper trimmer, and Mark always with us, Lindy our great walker. Without you AWL is nothing. THANK YOU This is Amore

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