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I was nervous picking Jullian up today at the vet clinic where he had stayed for 3 days of observation and tests. You could read in earlier blog that Jullian was found laying at a very busy street, covered with ticks and blind.
A blood test was done and it showed perfect result. He has a brain damage but what kind we don’t know since we need a referral to Rome for a CAT scan.
He is blind, but we are going to have him examined by a eye specialist to learn more about his eyes, for example is something pressuring the optic nerve? If the eyes are physically ok, that would point to a neurological cause for the problem.

Dr Damiani and Dr Loungo both agreed that this is a charming, lovely dog — wagging his tail, eating a lot and not once had he made an accident in is cage–or barking!
We need to continue the research before we can adopt him away. Is it a tumor? Liquid? Will he suffer? Or did he have distemper as a very young dog?

He is a young guy, 3-5 years old, so lovely. I brought him to an AWL foster home and we have opened a special fond for Jullian and his upcoming visits at specialists. He cannot see you but he follows your voice and wags his tail. He is a trooper Amore!

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