Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



The work of any charitable organization requires the efforts, big and small, of a number of people to be successful. Over time, some of those helpers stand out for contributing to the progress and success of an effort.

The Board of Directors of Animals Without Limits wanted a way to recognize those people who go “above and beyond” in their service, not only to Animals Without Limits, but to the causes that AWL is working on.

The Board determined that our “go-to” veterinarian was such an individual, and recognized him this past Saturday with a plaque commemorating his efforts, and his status as the inaugural recipient of the Animal Friend award.

Dr. Damiani Napoli Campania, has not only given Animals Without Limits discounts on his services, which allows AWL to help more animals with its limited funds. He has also taken a keen interest in AWL’s clients, something that goes beyond mere veterinary care.

Dr. Carlo Damiani has been an insightful provider of advice to the AWL staff; has performed complicated surgical procedures on AWL clients free of charge; and has provided valuable medicine for treatment of strays and rescue dogs.

The board certainly hopes that by his example, Dr. Carlo Damiani will inspire others to go above and beyond in the fight to help those without a voice. But for now, Dr. Damiani is the recipient of the inaugural award.

Congratulations, Dr. Carlo Damiani… and congratulations to all those who your care and concern has helped.

That’s Amore
More pictures later and more AWL Awards

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