Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



But first, let me ask you, How would a best dog mom be?

Mario the happy stray that is working by escorting at the gas station along the highway and escorting the coffee lady back home after work. He is still happy and still working full time. Olivia and I, we stop for a cup of coffee once a week and we we bring a bag of dog food and some cans of yummy wet dog food. He is our super hero!

Grace! When I visited the shelter with 500 dogs and was on my way to leave, this beauty and an very old Lea who had been sterilized and were being brought out to freedom in a “not so nice area” I burst into tears because Lea is so old and medically not doing so well; and Grace just aborted. My concern was would they survive? So Lea is now in a foster home, Rita has been taking good care of her. And a wonderful lady, Sarah, contacted me telling me all about Grace’s breed. She wanted to adopt Grace.

Sarah had rescued another dog Leroy that had been chained and was a walking skeleton, she needed a home for him before Grace could come home to her and her husband, and their first rescue dog “Diesel”.

Well, Leroy was brought to a family that wanted a dog, just like Leroy so Sarah joined me to the shelter where Grace was waiting.

Look at this beautiful couple! Sarah so fell in love with Grace that she couldn’t leave her. Sarah had at first paid/sponsored Grace for a month in the shelter since she was not sure if Leroy would stay in the new family, but after 20 minutes Sarah said, “What the heck!” And home Grace went with Sarah!

Grace is doing wonderfully in her new home and I am so very happy….That’s Amore!

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