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Last Sunday I went to visit one shelter with 500 dogs in it, well actually the shelter where Mozart is.

In the next blog entry I will tell you more about this shelter, but now I write only about this old lady. Me and some friends (Martina and Pio) were ready to leave when I saw this lady, and another big white dog walking next to us. I asked the volunteer, Alessandria where these two were going?

I could sense a kind of sadness in Alessandria’s voice when she told me that they had been brought in from the street to be sterilized but had to go back on the streets again.

My heart just broke, I started to cry.

I couldn’t stop crying, no matter how hard I tried. This old lady would not survive long on the streets. I was told she had cancer in her stomach, leischaminiosis and an old hip fracture on her back leg. And her age 10-12 years old, probably many puppies in her life too.

I couldn’t let it happen, I asked if I could have them both at the shelter until I found some kind of solution. Warm-hearted Alessandria and Sengiora (who is running the shelter) made it possible for them to stay at least for a little while.

I named her Lea.

When I came home I sent out a request for help, we only needed a garden for a month or two or three! (until some of the dogs I have gets their passport to Sweden right now 19 dogs, I want Lea to have some quiet time)

One person wrote back telling me that if Lea got along ok with her other dogs, she was welcome to stay there.

I picked Lea up last Monday and my heart was so happy and worried at the same time. But finally we could start the therapy, since Lea’s mind and soul was not ready to go over to the other side.

Wonderful Lea, so gentle! She let the dogs greet her and she drank together with Toby, and she lays outside in the green grass the whole day, and sleeps inside during night. I want her not to be worried to find food anymore, sun and food and quiet time until she tells me she is done on Mother Earth. Lea is so easy, polite and full of wisdom. I am so happy and pleased to have met this lady.

Today, Wednesday I went over with all her medicine and she is doing wonderfully. And Rita Schneider took these lovely pictures. Enjoy!

Thank you Rita and Jake for opening your home for Lea. This is Amore!

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