Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



After the accident I kept going but in a slow speed, and actually so did my Internet. We had a strong storm and heavy rain that made a lot of things go slow, or not at all!

But AWL got food, shampoo, goodies that were expired from the US Base. We love you for that, thank you so much. And Anna for contacting me and helping. That’s Amore

I met Dharma in Rossella shelter some time ago. I loved her so much, so sweet and sensitive, but there was no possibility for us to adopt her. So months later I got to hear that the couple that adopted Dharma wanted her spayed. Of course AWL helped even if they sponsored the bill themselves. But it was wonderful to meet her family; they are wonderful, Flavia and her husband.

This is Dharma in her home. She is a happy rescue dog, and her family thinks she is the best. That’s Amore.

Our AWL rescue dog Bonita is staying with us for a couple of days. Her wonderful foster-family is out of town. She is a brilliant old lady, so quiet. The first days she was sad, she thought her foster-family had dumped her. But after some bowls of Swedish meat loaf and comforting words that they are coming back, she is now back to normal. She ignores my dogs and they are wondering who she is, but they stay at a distant. Bonita is not aggressive to other dogs, she is “only” a grumpy grandma.

That’s Amore!

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