Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



A I work with the foundation from 09.00 -15.00 and still it is a non-profit organization. My Olivia is a great friend to have with me and I try to make it exiting for her too. Today while I was paying AWL’s bills Olivia fed the rescued male Buffalos. She just loves it!

We had Muffin with us (remember the rescue dog from nearly being run over by several cars in front of us) so she could now be steralized and microchiped since she gained weight really well and no more diarrhea.

Our wonderful Athena has now got her rabies vaccinations and microchip. She is such a wonderful, happy girl. I love to sit with her and let the comunication flow…she is such a talker.

“You are here finally! What took you so long?”

After this we went to the comune house (like a town hall)–it took me one hour to get there–and when we finally found the correct floor and Dottoressa, we told her we wanted to adopt Tiger from the Governmental Shelter. We had a discussion and now it will take 8-10 days before I get to know if we can get him out. This is a sensative project so when he is out and everything is arranged I can tell you the whole story.

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