Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Tammy is a wonderful animal friend. She made all the dogs jump out of joy…she had raw hot dogs (why does it feel weird writing hot dogs to dogs?) Funny enough they rejected American Cheese–so its not only me who doesn’t like that super yellow rubber thing!–

Ahhhh my love, Scooby and an old sweet German Shepard female. Gosh they are so sweet. I think I know why not many people want to join in dog walks–it is so difficult to be around so sweet and kind dogs–they give love even if they have a terrible situation–try that yourself!

Puppies and puppies, everywhere..sigh! Please keep supporting our spay and neuter campaigns.

And dog (human) food donated to the shelter…..AWL is trying to donate as much dog pellets and can food as possible. A pasta-only diet isn’t very healthy for dogs (or humans). Please help us buy dog food!

Lynn, David, Tammy, Vania and Mia….few but we did a great job!

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