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On earlier blogs have we been writing about Doberman Bella that Maura found in terrible condition — skin and bones, and also with red mange. Maura’s own Doberman didn’t accept Bella so they had to live separated, and Bella didn’t understand children and could nibble them. Maura with four children, that last part became a big problem. But I admire Maura, she kept Bella, gave her food, love and a lot of treatments for her skin condition. AWL paid for the sterilization.

We also started to look after adoption options, but it was difficult since Dobermans also can be a misunderstood breed. None of us wanted her to become a guard dog in a factory area. An Italian volunteer shared a contact with the “Dobermann’s Angels” up in Parma. Bella got an invitation! We were all so thrilled!

The whole family drove the 9 hours up with Bella and met the rescue group in a wonderful, beautiful kennel. Nicolette, a warm and brilliant person greeted us and thought Bella was a great dog, and super specimen of the breed. We all had a wonderful time at the place, Olivia and Max were playing with cute puppies and rolling in grass. I could stay there forever!

Thank you all for your kindness and great working together skills. Special thanks to Martina, Maura, Todd, Nicolette for saving the Angels! You guys are Amore.
More info and pictures later!

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