Animals Without Limits

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Last Saturday we were only a few people going out to the Shelter. Jerry, Richard, Drew and Todd were going to work on the building project. Jackie had the puppy section and I was meeting up with the veterinarian as well as making some mental tests on a couple of dogs that are to be adopted. Lindy was assisting with her calm and natural way. I have been keeping my eye on her for some time and she is a natural, gifted dog person. A non drama person, if she has any problems you can not notice it and that is what is a big asset to working with animal psychology.

We had some bad luck to begin with. Our tire exploded on the highway and no spare tire (its already on) but fantastic friends helped us. Thank you Ethan for your help with Todd despite that you were sick, and to Jackie and the above guy crew that came and picked up Olivia and I, and all our things. But can you believe it? Five minutes down the road, Jackie gets a flat tire!! I started to giggle, not the right time but it started to get totally hysteric. The guys were behind us, so heroiclly they changed out the flat in 6 minutes. Many hours later than planned, we finally entered the shelter. We were lucky with the weather at least: sunshine.

The shelter was like a war-zone with dogs everywere, so many puppies and sickness and sickness. They had found a little dog that nearly couldn’t walk, just skin and bones, his penis hanging out full of blisters, swollen and horrible. Blood in many dogs’ stools.

I dragged the veterinarian with me and pointed at dogs everywere: this one, sick; that one is freezing to death. This veterinarian is very sweet and dear but she is too expensive for our foundation, we can not help many dogs at her prices with our resources. This shelter is also well away from our location and our veterinarians . Without our own rehab clinic we have no place to keep the dogs until Monday morning. When we get the clinic we will be able to drive them there on Saturday; treat and safeguard them and keep them warm, then drive them to our vets on Monday.

While at the shelter, I took a walk and nearly tripped over a curled-up English Setter, just skin and bones and with her right eye poked out. She screamed when I put the collar/leash on her. I sat and talked to her for some minutes and Olivia, my mission girl, did a good job comforting her too.

After a while did she follow us to the shelter and we fed her with some hot dogs. What a sweet heart, so gentle and polite and of course no microchip.

Saturday I am returning to pick her up. The shelter is full and I am praying to the Universe and bugging my real estate agent to hurry up and get our clinic as soon as possible. So many dogs are dying and suffering.

Please help us with donations or care packages!

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