Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation



Mario is a wonderful stray that takes care off the gas station and coffee bar lady. He walks her home after her hours and then returns to “where ever” he sleeps.

He also looked after Benjamin, Lucy and Abby. The same gas station.
AWL decided that we would spay him (and then return him) and today Jackie and I picked him up. We felt bad since we think he has never been in a car, never a leach and being lifted and put into a car…to a clinic….not knowing what’s happening!

It was hectic today at LegaPro but it is very interesting watching animals and their owner(s)

Dr Lorenzo checked Mario, and Mario was such a good boy. We are amazed how they trust us. But to our surprise he had a microchip! The owner has to be found they cannot spay him before that. The coffee lady told us he’s been keeping her company for 5 years….

Well, Mario is still at the clinic and we are waiting by the phone…what will that number tell us?

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