Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

Tigers Progress


Photos Vania Lamanna (c) 2009

Remember Tiger, that was labeled aggressive and the family got the advise to let Tiger out by an animal organization? According to his foster mother he is progressing very well.

“I think we have progressed as much as we are going to progress with him though-my guess is he will calm down within a year or 2, he is still a young cat and full of energy, the best home would be someone who has a garden for him to take out some of that energy-he goes nuts cooped up in the small apartment. “

“Again, not suited for a family with young children-not unless they have been taught how to respect animals and give them their space and distance. “

“I wish someone Italian would take him in and keep him, then he would get used to the one family and be able to bond fully with them. He’s sweet, even though destructive-we bought some glass from venice(I love hand blown glass)and left it in the box, until he leaves we won’t bring it out. Can you imagine him with a Christmas tree????!!!!!!he’d be the angel on the top, haha!!” Vania

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