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Hit & Run


I am now back from LegaProAnimale, –Vet. clinic– after dropping off an injured stray that was hit by a car and left on the street hurt in front of our Parco.
My husband came back this morning after a training event, and asked if I had seen the dog laying up on the median?

Yes I had, and now I found the opportunity to run up and see if the dog was ok.

Alberto from the animal store spotted me, Antionella from the flower store saw me, I signaled to them that this was an injured dog. I could see blood running from his nose.

When trying to get closer the dog tried to get away wobbling on his back legs. My wonderful husband came driving with my SUV and went out trying to stop the traffic (or slow down) so the dog wouldn’t get hit again. Antionella, me and another Italian worked in a circle to try to corner and catch him. The Italian got my leash loop and threw it over the dogs head. Todd pulled up with the “rescue” SUV. The dog tried snapping at us (I would do the same, he was simply acting normal given the situation) so we put a jacket over his head before lifting him into the SUV. And off I went to the Vet clinic, missing my appointment with Jack at the obiedience training.

At LegaProAnimale, Dr. Gigi and Dr Friz came out and brought him in for examination. What I love with the vets AWL works with — same goes for our own Dr. Inga — is to watch them work gently, calm and loving with the strays.

Fortunately, nothing was broken, but he was bleeding from his male part, and nose. Probably internal bleeding as well. They put an IV in and did a blood test before I left.

Later today I will call to see how “Franz” is doing (I asked a trainee to name him for me). Please have Franz in your prayers.

Thank you Todd for your support even if you were in a hurry to get back to work. You took time helping this injured stray that was hit by a car, and left to die. Alberto and Antionella and “Italian man”, without you I couldn’t have caught the stray. Thank you for your big heart(s). And to you who donated money to AWL, he can now be treated, and get good care. Amore thank you all (tutti)

Picture will come up later–and update

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