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Yesterday’s Mission


( The mother is on the second floor looking down on her puppies that are hidden under the big thorn bushes. This way she is confusing people and animals from where they really are. She is a smart mother)

Yesterday’s mission together with Dr. Inga was a short “observation” mission at the skeleton place (you who have followed my blog are familiar with this place).

The puppies there are now getting big and my fear that someone will poison them, or have their dog kill them are tremendous. My instinct was right and confirmed when we stopped at the place nearby were a big dog lives and Dr. Inga asked the men to keep their dog under observation and let us be able to come and go for a couple weeks to work on the puppies.

I froze when I followed the vet into this place, like I could sense danger, the whole inside of me started to get nervous. I just wanted to leave. Thanks to Dr. Inga and her brilliant ability of telling them about our project, we have their permission and hopefully now can work on this mission. I am going to the puppies feeding them to get them to know me so we can catch and vaccinate them; we already have a foster family who can take care of them until May.

Ana it is so wonderful of you. The puppies are very hungry and have started to eat from the carcasses of the puppies from before. We have to hurry but we cannot hurry the puppies, this is what makes it difficult.

We cannot catch them since they are hiding in a big area of bushes with big thorns. That’s also why it is easier to give hungry animals food with poison in, they come out and eat and then the poison starts working in them slowly and painfully.

We need a lot of good pates’, good luck and good speed.

Visit My Tail Wags For You (animals for adoption) blog today too.

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