Animals Without Limits

American Swedish non profit organisation

Freedom Better


His male part looks like it would fall off any day.

Look at his claws

If you blow this picture up you can count his vertebra’s

You know that on a picture you gain weight.
All the fur on his back part is gone. Some parts of his ears are gone. His confused and still so kind.

Today’s mission was horrible. Down by the beach locked behind big gates stood a skeleton. So sick that half his fur was gone. His claws so long he couldn’t walk well.

Water and food he received through the bars from me. I saw there was a…I got him out. On his whole body was wounds, fresh.

Suddenly I was surrounded by 5 men who told me to put the dog back. I explained. That the dog needed care right away!

“No he is “just” old” they said
“But let me take him for treatments then I return him. AWL will pay. this is not a guard dog, let me make him healthy and he can be a great guard dog”
We argued! I lost, the dog lost….he was put back to his terrible place not long from death.

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